IT Asset Disposition services


Secure IT collection & delivery service

Move IT has provided collection and delivery services to multiple industries across the UK and Europe for over 17 years. Over this time period we have evolved our business model inline with advances in technology, security and environmental policy and practices.

Collection service

  • Loose IT collections
  • Large out of ‘Gauge’ equipment e.g. racks, tape silos
  • Disconnection from workstation
  • Real-time on-site auditing and reporting
  • Weekend, overnight and bank holidays (24/7 Contact)
  • Dedicated secure point-to-point

Delivery service

  • Palletised deliveries
  • Unpack and deliver to specific on-site footprint
  • Reconnection to workstation
  • Packaging removal
  • Large out of ‘Gauge’ equipment e.g. racks, large servers
  • Weekend, overnight and bank holidays (24/7 Contact)
  • Dedicated secure point-to-point

An accredited IT Asset Disposition provider

Move IT is equipped with deep contextual knowledge to handle every facet of IT asset management, from IT logistics to lifecycle, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. Whether you’re in the midst of a technology infrastructure upgrade, planning an office relocation, or seeking secure and responsible IT Asset Disposition, our dedicated team are here to help. Throughout the entire process, we ensure any IT asset is managed effectively and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

When you engage with Move IT, you can expect a seamless operation that prioritises data security, environmental responsibility and compliance with all relevant regulations.

IT Asset Disposition
data centre moves
Data centres

Data centre moves

Central to our operations is understanding the importance of data and IT infrastructure to modern businesses. Ensuring the continuous operation of a data centre and securing your data are our critical priorities. Move IT has a portfolio of managing collections, relocations and closures across multiple data centre typologies across both the UK and Europe.

A stepped process

Data centre relocation services

data centre relocation services
A stepped process

Data centre exits

data centre exits

Workstation installation

Our workstation installation service involves setting up and configuring your organisation’s individual workstations for the best working environment. Move IT aims to streamline the process, ensuring each workstation is properly equipped, connected to the network and configured to meet the specific needs of any user.

The typical installation process involves:

Peripheral setup. Peripherals such as printers, scanners, and external storage devices are connected and configured to work seamlessly with the workstation.

Testing and quality assurance. Each workstation undergoes thorough testing to ensure that all components are functioning correctly and software applications are running without issues.

workstation installation
Setup & configuration

The installation process

workstation installation process

European destinations covering road, sea and air freight

Move IT provides all services across Europe operating within a regulatory compliance framework both independently and in collaboration with European partners. Our working model for European destinations covers road, sea, and air freight and ensures that all waste directives are adhered to. To guide our clients both working with European partners and those on a trajectory of growth across Europe Move IT provides consultancy as a European Logistical Broker.