A trusted IT logistics partner

An assured, best practice logistical service

For 17 years, Move IT has specialised in providing logistical solutions to organisations across multiple industries including banking, finance, commercial, retail, pharmaceutical, education and corporate.

We partner with ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) companies nationally and internationally, engaging in a collaborative approach to meet the needs of their clients with an assured logistical service. Our business model and ethos is underpinned by approved standards of practice, offering intrinsic advice on secure European and global moves, and a consultative approach to address our client’s complex needs.

IT Asset Disposition
Team Move IT

Experts in large high security and high risk moves

The Move IT team comprises a large on-road and on-site workforce, experienced in managing high security, high risk and some of the largest moves and relocations across the UK. We understand you need a partner capable of mitigating risk (i.e. financial loss and environmental impact) and providing trusted advice to complex logistics challenges.

Our team’s wealth of knowledge is applied at every stage of any move, from initial consultation, to project management and reporting. Move IT crew members are security cleared to the highest standard and skilled in responding to needs and challenges throughout delivery to meet time-critical requirements.

Measures of Performance

Transparent and secure point-to-point delivery

Our business is built on a systems thinking approach that incorporates the needs of all stakeholders in the supply chain. Move IT works to achieve standards of practice that respond to environmental, security, and health and safety challenges.

Accredited with four core ISO standards approved by the British Assessment Bureau, our robust business model is designed to provide auditable processes to our clients that demonstrate traceability from point-to-point service delivery. This allows us to monitor our client’s environmental impact and that of our business as a whole, while delivering a high-quality, consistent and secure service.


Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

In the context of the ITAD (Information Technology and Asset Disposition) industry, Move IT provides clients with a logistical service that drives value whilst strengthening our environment and communities. We operate with systems and processes that provide demonstrable measures and outcomes of our sustainability goals, that also align with the compliance and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) ambitions of our clients.

Social Engagement

Invested in our communities

Move IT operates with an equitable systems approach inclusive of all stakeholders i.e. employees, suppliers, clients, and partners involving practices that provide transparency across our performance that drives continued developments. Our broader ESG goals involve targeted contributions toward societal and community needs that focus on creating both sustainable and resilient systems for improved social engagement, mental health, and well-being.


European destinations covering road, sea and air freight

Move IT provides all services across Europe operating within a regulatory compliance framework both independently and in collaboration with European partners. Our working model for European destinations covers road, sea, and air freight and ensures that all waste directives are adhered to. To guide our clients both working with European partners and those on a trajectory of growth across Europe Move IT provides consultancy as a European Logistical Broker.

Best practices

A partnership approach to procurement

Move IT provides a partnership approach to clients throughout tendering processes to ensure the logistical requirements of any move are operationally designed to deliver best-practice providing auditable, risk management, and sustainable outcomes. This collaborative approach to procurement provides our clients with the opportunity to engage in a consultative process enabling the co-production of bespoke logistical solutions.