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Specialist IT Asset Disposition tailored to your industry

Government-approved to destroy data to the maximum UK security level

Working with some of the UK and Europe’s largest financial organisations, Move IT has managed large-scale projects involving entire data centre relocations, multiple site re-installations and bespoke collections. Our full range of services has been fully operationalised across the financial sector. In the ITAD industry, we provide logistical expertise with industry knowledge, transparency, and traceability of our systems and processes.

Sector Specialisms

Move IT provide services to many of the UK’s largest banks, retailers and corporate firms


Working with some of the UK’s largest financial organisations, Move IT is well-versed in managing the data security concerns this sector faces during branch closures, building and data centre exits. Onsite auditing, secure storage and redeployment are key services managed by Move IT – and often within critical timeframes.


Move IT has managed both singular and multisite collections nationwide for some of the UK’s largest retail organisations, overcoming various access challenges due to the nature of branch locality. Move IT often project manage multisite scheduling of works to meet the client’s needs post-deployment, with attention to time and cost efficiency.


Move IT work in partnership with asset finance organisations to recover end of lease assets from schools, colleges and universities UK wide. Our engineers conduct onsite cosmetic checks and audit reporting during the recovery process providing full traceability across the supply chain.


Move IT provide point-to-point dedicated secure transportation of high value industry specific products, resource and assets across the UK and Europe. This service provides applicable methods of handling and operates within multiple security parameters meeting industry best practice. Often these moves are time critical and dependent on variable control mechanisms.


Secure IT lifecycle services

Although many businesses have a systematic replacement cycle for electronic equipment, enterprises with worn-out hardware must decide whether to refurbish, resell, recycle or dispose of their business equipment.

IT asset disposal services

IT Asset Disposition

Our expertise in IT asset removal, logistics and disposition enables us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. Throughout the whole process, we ensure that your IT assets are managed effectively and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

data centre move

Data centre asset management

Ensuring the continuous operation of a data centre and securing your data are our critical priorities. Move IT has a portfolio of managing collections, relocations and closures across multiple data centre typologies across both the UK and Europe.

IT collection and delivery

IT collection & deliveries

Move IT provides collection and delivery services to organisations across multiple sectors throughout the UK and Europe. Over time, we have evolved our business model inline with advancements in technology, security and environmental policy and practices.

workstation installation

Workstation installation

Our workstation installation service involves setting up and configuring your organisation’s individual workstations for the best working environment. Move IT aims to streamline the process, ensuring each workstation is properly equipped, connected to the network and configured to meet the specific needs of any user.


European destinations covering road, sea and air freight

Move IT provides all services across Europe operating within a regulatory compliance framework both independently and in collaboration with European partners. Our working model for European destinations covers road, sea, and air freight and ensures that all waste directives are adhered to. To guide our clients both working with European partners and those on a trajectory of growth across Europe Move IT provides consultancy as a European Logistical Broker.